The Little Miss Shamrock Program is an Irish heritage program open to young girls six to twelve years of age with some Irish culture.  This program hopes to encourage pride in one’s Irish culture, as well as involvement in the Irish community here in Phoenix and Arizona.  The winners of this program will assist the 2017 Arizona Colleen and Rose in representing the Irish community at various events around the state, including the 2017 Phoenix St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Faire on Saturday, March 11.
   The emcees for The Little Miss Shamrock were 2016 Little Miss Shamrocks Rylee Hankal and Molly Ruley.
   The Little Miss Shamrock Program featured talented and remarkable young ladies between the ages of seven and twelve.  
   Each contestant began with a one-minute introduction, followed by individual on-stage three-minute interviews with questions from the panel of judges.  A set question for each contestant was a variation of “Tell us something about your family being Irish.”  Once the interview portion completed, the contestants began their talents.  Numerous talents ranging from dancing and singing to gymnastics, musical instruments entertained the full room of family and friends.  
   Finally the moment everyone had waited for had arrived, and all contestants were invited to the stage.  Each girl was given flowers and encouraged to continue to be involved with the program and community in the future.  Then, 2016 Arizona Colleen and Rose Ciara Archer announced the winners.  The 2017 Little Miss Shamrocks are Kaeleen Giardina and Maggie Powell.  Our outgoing titleholders had the privilege of crowning our newest Little Miss Shamrocks.
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